Moore Progress Project


The Moore Progress Project (MPP) is committed to developing and implementing sustainable programs to educate and empower the Black community. Our programs teach youth and adults the skills needed to be dynamic leaders, innovators and

  • Project: Inventor is an eight-week after-school STEM program that introduces students to robotics. In the program, students study electrical, mechanical and computer engineering basics; then use what they learn to build their first robot. Upon completing the program, students present their robots to community members at a graduation and fundraising event. The deadline to apply for this program is April 18th, 2017.

  • Project: Founder is our leadership program that encourages students to be positive role-models and active members of their community. Students complete a service learning project which encourages them to build their own businesses. This program will be available in the Fall 2017.


  • We offer scholarships to students who are interested in pursuing a higher education.
  • Our financial tools are available to help people take control of their financial situation by planning budgets, building credit tips, and business resources.


To support our mission to empower the Black community, we outline a three-step strategy to ensure that our efforts are repeatable and scalable. Our process is as follows:

  1. Network Building and Information Sharing
  2. Cooperative Economics and Entrepreneurship
  3. Local Political Engagement

This framework takes into account the internal and external barriers that block meaningful progress for our community. We embed this strategy in all of our programs and resources. Subscribe for more information on how to get involved in this movement and to be notified of upcoming events and opportunities.